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Onboard Safety Measures

The health and safety of all our visitors and staff is our highest priority. Following the HSE guidelines, Dublin Discovered Boat trips have implemented a range of public health and physical distancing measures to ensure the safety of visitors, staff, and other workers.  designated time slots and increased cleaning are just some of the measures we have put in place. The measures we have put in place are detailed below further down the page.

  • Please arrive for your cruise no earlier than 10 minutes before the start time to assist us with limiting queues and aid in social distancing measures.
  • Upon arrival customers must form a line in the designated area marked out by signage and adhere to the social distancing marks on the pathway.
  • Our onsite team will greet visitors in the queue at the time of cruise commencing and provide further instruction on how the visit will be conducted.
  • Face masks are worn by our staff  and we request that they be worn by passengers while seated in the passenger saloon onboard.

We would ask all visitors to Dublin Discovered to please:

Health and safety measures

  • Online pre-booking to better manage visitor numbers
  • No cash payments possible onsite.
  • Paperless check-in: Display of E-ticket on phone or provision of name/reference number only required for boarding.
  • Increased cleaning measures
  • Hand sanitising station available on arrival and for use prior to boarding.
  • Extra cleaning of high-frequency touch points
  • Signage to remind people of the protocols
  • Assess health risks and stay at home even if you have mild cold-like symptoms and/or a fever. The same counts for when someone in your household has any health complaints.
  • Adhere to the social distancing advice. We would kindly ask all visitors to be considerate and patient with other visitors and our staff in this regard while partaking of the cruise.
  • Visitors are advised to wear their own PPE and to use the hand sanitisers provided, during their cruise and while onboard. We request that visitors wear masks when onboard the vessel. 
  • Follow the instructions of the onboard crew at all times.